A rifflet on the trailer for a creationist film

Here’s a new Rifflet on the trailer for some shitty creationist film:


How do we know god exists? Because of, like, butterflies and flowers and shit. You see, the world is really, really complex, and complex things are really hard to understand, because thinking hurts. But, hey, we’re religious! Who needs to think? Why put out the effort to understand the world when you can just say “God did it” and leave it at that?

As for the trailer itself, it’s not as ridiculous as Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, but like anything produced by creationists it’s full of blissful ignorance and willful distortions. And yes, oh yes, will I get to Expelled some day. Some glorious day, right here, probably pretty soon. The only thing that bothers me is that, in order to blog review the movie, I’ll have to watch it again. And I nearly died from yelling at the screen in fury the last time I watched it…


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