Football: Still totally not gay

Let’s revisit an old topic for a bit. You know you’re dealing with a genuine wingnut when, after getting called out for their bullshit, rather than take a step back and reconsider, they double down on their stupidity. And that appears to be the case with Ron Brown, the bigoted assistant coach at the Nebraska football team. He sure does hate him some gays, and ain’t no one gonna change his mind about it.

Nebraska assistant coach Ron Brown, the subject of recent national headlines after speaking out against an Omaha gay and transgender anti-discrimination law, won’t attend a hearing Monday in which the Lincoln City Council will consider passing a similar ordinance.

But it’s by no means because he regrets the public nature or vehement argument of his initial stance — or because he has been discouraged by coaches or administrators to do otherwise.

Yeah, why should the universal condemnation, ridicule and embarrassment he brought down on his employer cause him any consternation at all? He’s doing the Lord’s work! That’s just what a great Christian he is! If the Lord told him to smear feces on his face and run stark naked through a shopping mall singing Barry Manilow tunes, he’d do it without a second thought. The people who might think he’s a crazy moron for doing it are all hellbound anyways. Who gives a fuck what they think?

Brown, who the university has said is within his rights as a citizen to express his religious and political views publicly, says he doesn’t want his appearance to make news.

“A number of fellow Christians who have been working on legislation and working on the nuts and bolts of this issue told me, ‘Look, there’s going to be so much media attention over you, it’s going to take away from the issue,’ ” Brown told the Lincoln Journal Star on Saturday.

“Everything inside of me said, ‘I don’t want the media to stop me from going.’ Then I realized it was going to be a circus, and everybody already knows how I think. My views stand the same.

“As I prayed about it, I thought it was not in the Lord’s will for me to testify.”

So he’s not backing down because he’s wrong or because he embarrassed his coworkers. It’s because other Christians don’t want the evil liberal media to notice their bigoted crusade. Sarah Palin would be so proud. (Oh, and of course I agree with the university that he is within his rights to say whatever bigoted shit he wants to say. And I am within my rights to make fun of him.)

In March, when the Omaha City Council held a hearing for the measure that added local protections against discrimination for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people, Brown challenged ordinance sponsor Ben Gray and other members to remember the Bible does not condone homosexuality.

So fucking what? Neither does Dianetics. And if some Scientologist showed up at a town hall meeting and demanded that laws be changed to fit with what Xenu commands, they would be rightly laughed out of the building. It should be no different with the Bible. Brown is basically just assuming everyone must follow his silly fairy book.

There a lot of different terms used for people like Brown. Religious Right. Fundamentalists. Evangelicals. Fundigelical.  Jesus Freaks. Theocrats. I think perhaps the best term for people who think like this is Christian Supremacist. They go into every situation assuming that the Bible must be presupposed by and submitted to by everyone in the room. Christianity is better than everything else, period. They’re like white supremacists without the stupid Halloween costumes.

“Everything inside of me wants to go to the hearing and be part of any type of issue such as this, if work permits me to do it,” Brown told the Journal Star. “I could’ve gone.”

However, “I don’t want this to be about me,” he said.

Aww, how selfless of you. It’s good to see you think of oppressing others as a team effort. Good for you. (Read the previous sentence in Christian Bale voice.)

“If people want to make implications about the football program, I can’t stop that,” Brown said, according to the newspaper.

Uh, yes you can. You totally can. It wouldn’t even be that hard. Just stop saying stupid shit and people will stop making fun of Nebraska. It’s that god damn simple.

Brown also wrote a letter to the newspaper, published in Sunday’s editions, in which he said his Christian beliefs led him to express his opposition to homosexuality. The letter notes that while he is against laws that protect gay people, he would never discriminate against gay players.

“I have and will embrace every player I coach, gay or straight … but I won’t embrace a legal policy that supports a lifestyle that God calls sin,” he wrote.

And of course the Christian Supremacist has to trot out the condescending “hate the sin, love the sinner” bullshit. But in doing so, he exposes his own confusions. Obviously, he wouldn’t discriminate against gay players, because he knows that’s wrong. But then he thinks a law that says it’s wrong to discriminate against gays “supports a lifestyle that God calls sin.” So either one of two things is happening here: Either Brown is supporting a sinful lifestyle by not discriminating against gays, or Brown supports the idea that the law should stand for something wrong (allowing discrimination). Either way, he’s supporting something that he believes to be wrong. Not that this flagrant contradiction will ever occur to him. One of the best things about being a Christian Supremacist is that you go through your day to day life thinking at a level that doesn’t even approach the necessary threshold of rationality that is required to notice and correct cognitive dissonance.

The situation in Nebraska also resulted in yet another example of how wingnuts never learn dick from the past:

On Friday, Attorney General Jon Bruning issued an opinion that said Nebraska cities cannot adopt ordinances protecting people from discrimination for being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender because the state’s anti-discrimination laws don’t extend to sexual orientation.

Ken Cucchinelli, the AD of Virginia, tried this exact same bullshit a couple years ago when he told the public universities they couldn’t protect gays because the state law didn’t protect gays. The universities told him to go fuck himself, went to court, and won. That’s exactly what will happen in Nebraska if Brunning stupidly pursues this absurd line of legal reasoning. His opinion basically says, “You can’t protect rights that aren’t already protected somewhere else,” a line of reasoning that, if enacted, would effectively make any further progress in civil rights impossible. And that’s probably exactly what people like him want, but they’d never say so out loud. Regardless, I don’t foresee any court in the nation going along with it.

Luckily, the Lincoln city council aren’t going along with it:

Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler said that wouldn’t deter the city from putting the proposal to a vote.

Good for them.

Addendum: There are some really good takedowns of Brown’s bullshit at by Rick Reilly and Gene Wojchedjcijajdijdjjaiajjja…. I can’t spell or pronounce his name. But his op-ed is good.


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