Calling the kettle black…

My YouTube comrade, comedian Joe Dixon, recently tweeted about an Obama radio spot, posted to YouTube, that has attracted a bunch of what I will kindly call semi-retarded, racist, white trash assholes. The radio ad itself, which is targeted to African Americans, is silly and pandering, as one should expect political ads to be, regardless of candidate or party. But in the right wing alternate universe, it’s proof that Obama hates white people. The video was posted by a “news” outlet calling itself “The Right Newz“. They do not allow comments on the “story” about this ad on their website. And it’s no wonder why not, when you see the kind of followers they have on YouTube. Observe:

It is in the interests of blacks to vote for Obama. Obama stands for wealth transfers from white people to black people. Black people want the money of white people. Admittedly intelligence isn’t a trait black people are known for but they’re smart enough to know which politician will most likely guarantee them more freebies paid for by white people.


Admittedly, intelligence isn’t a trait racist assholes are known for, but the people who pander to them are smart enough to prevent them from commenting on their main website. Grimgerde isn’t done yet, either:

So basically he promises more welfare. Makes sense for an ad intended to appeal to negroes.


Thank you for demonstrating that leftist mulattoes aren’t any more capable of logical rebuttals than leftist negroes.


What does that even mean? Who are these blacks out of touch with? “bigoted” is a leftist buzzword used to shame white people from making any valid or intelligent observations about race in any way. There is no contradiction between leftists accusing white people of being horrible racists while using supposed stereotypes to appeal to blacks.

At-any-rate, Obama being half black is a huge reason why blacks overwhelmingly support him over the white guy, so your point is moot.


At-any-rate, usually-intelligent-people don’t-randomly-hyphenate-words. Oh, and fuck-you. “Bigot” (a word that’s over 400 years old) is only a buzzword to people who say things like “Admittedly intelligence isn’t a trait black people are known for…”

OMG….this guy has lost it !! He truely scares the hell ou of me….!! We can’t afford pay for everyone to have a “free” education, he needs to go over to Greece & see what went wrong because he’s trying to destroy our Capitalist Society that worked well for 200 years…Congress is corrupt too, they line their own pockets every day !!


OMG… Reading your comment makes me think that, just maybe, more education wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Ugh, let’s move on to another comment…




Don’t worry Obongo, 100% of the mindless nigger animals will vote for you anyway.


Romney voter.

This what happens when you let Shaft create a presidential marketing video.


This is what happens when right wing youtube channels let their viewers speak their minds.

Imagine Romney running a white voter ad. The real racism comes from the left


Who is John Galt? Much like his creator, Ayn Rand, he’s apparently utterly oblivious, self-righteous, and downright stupid.

I voted against little Barry in 2008 ’cause he was a Marxist Muslim Liar from a fucked up family. Now, I’ll vote against him ’cause he’s a fucking lying nigger!


Yup, the real racism comes from the left. This is because “real racism” means “any discussion of race that wouldn’t be out of place in the bathroom at a Toby Keith concert.”

More than any other emotion I feel when I listen to this add I feel….sorrow! Obama, is using his race to curry favor with a small segment of this countries diverse fabric! The truly sad part, is that it will work and be accepted by the black community without question! They will vote for him at a 95% rate without every studying his background or his innumerable failures while in the Presidency! They will vote solely on skin color. So freaking sad how gullible and malleable Americans are!


But the obviously more intelligent white people would never fall for blatantly obvious race baiting and pandering! Thanks for posting this video!

Wow. Really? Can he get any more racist? Playing Soul Train in the back ground?

Is Barack Obama promising fried chicken and watermelon if he gets re-elected?


No, I can’t imagine how anyone could be more racist. Nothing comes to mind at all.


When you have black friends and family members, you can see through all the racist, stereotypical BS of this ad.


ROFLMAO! It’s even easier to see through the “I have black friends” gambit! LOL!

In summary, racists are inbred, ignorant, redneck, uneducated pieces of shit who project their own failure, stupidity and inadequacy onto people of different color because they are too pathetic, deluded and retarded to live their own lives and focus on their own god damn selves. But I don’t mean that in a hateful way. I have racist friends.


3 responses to “Calling the kettle black…

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