Football remains totally non-gay

Well, looks like the Shame Strategy worked.  Emmett Burns, the idiot who told the Ravens not to let their players do human things like vocalize political opinions, has now publicly recanted his call for corporate censorship.

After drawing national attention for his attempt to muzzle a football player who supported gay rights, a Maryland delegate walked back his position Sunday and said Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo should be allowed to speak out in favor of same-sex marriage.

And what profound considerations lead him to this conclusion?

“Upon reflection, he has his First Amendment rights,” Del. Emmett C. Burns Jr., a Baltimore County Democrat, said in a telephone interview.

Whoa, man. That’s deep.

2 responses to “Football remains totally non-gay

    • It takes these bigots quite a bit of effort to realize that people who disagree with them have rights, too. I suppose we can at least be thankful that he finally realized the obvious. But that’s setting the bar REALLY low…

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