Football is totally not gay, part 5 — SuperFan edition!

The fallout from the Ayanbadejo pro-gay marriage fiasco continues, as Yahoo! Sports recently put up an AP report on the gradually evolving acceptance of homosexuals in professional sports. It’s a pretty standard AP article–a reasonable number of facts, some interviews, and very little analysis. I don’t have much to say about the article itself, but boy oh boy do I have a thing or two to say to the sports fans who are commenting on the article. I’ve already talked about coaches, players and owners, so let’s move on to fans. I’m glad to come to the defense of players who are negatively stereotyped as being stupid just because they’re athletic. But it’s harder to defend the fans when the vast majority of comments on a rather mild article about gay rights in sports are full of drooling stupidity and religious bigotry. Take Fredna, for instance:

Fredna  •  1 day 21 hours ago

Regardless of how many athletes speak out for gay marriage, gay marriage is still wrong. And, no amount of web fluff pieces, renaming it ‘gay rights’, and marginalizing opponents by calling them ‘homophobic’ can change that.

Uh, sorry, but nobody’s saying that athletes supporting gay marriage is what makes it right. That’s really not the point. Making professional athletes the ultimate moral arbitrators is almost as dumb as making the Bible the ultimate moral arbitrator. Gay marriage is right for a simple reason. It’s right because it’s the only fair, humane thing to do. And actually, marginalizing the bigots is a quite effective tactic. People who think others are second class citizens should be marginalized. And laughed at. And made to wear funny hats, just for shits and giggles.

One chowder-headed theme that numerous fans mindlessly repeated like parrots at a cracker factory should be familiar to anyone who follows the issue:

wooded  •  1 day 21 hours ago

Yeah “it’s what they can do on Sundays to help us win that matters” you can use that same argument for having felons and pedophiles on your team

Anita  •  3 days ago

Hey AP – Since you’re wanting to push your queer agenda onto the sports page, how about a story about how Jerry Sandusky wanted to REDEFINE marriage in the Penn State showers?

Or even the GAY marriage we’re sure he’s receiving now in the State Penn Showers!

Tony  •  2 days 16 hours ago

It used to be popular for the celebrities and pro sports figures to be recovering drug addicts, now they wannabee gays….. #$%$

A Yahoo! User  •  3 days ago

Hey since the LibFa6 media wants to keep pushing their gay agenda, where it doesn’t belong (on the sports page) why not do a story on how a famous GAY guy Jerry Sandusky wants to REDEFINE marriage to what NAMBLAcrats do to little boys in showers?

Well libfa6 media? Where’s that story?
Take your GAY agenda and SHOVE IT. I’m sure there’s plenty of room up there.

A Yahoo! User  •  3 days ago

This world gets worse and worse day by day. The worse it gets, the more immune we become to immoral lifestyles, i.e. adultery, fornication, homosexuality, lying, stealing, killings etc. Just because we’re immune to these things does not mean that they all of sudden change from being wrong to right.

You know what’s just like two grown dudes who love each other? Stealing and killing and child abuse and drug addiction! They’re exactly the same! My brain is made of rich chocolate pudding! It’s food for the gremlin that lives in my butt!

And hey, Yahoo! User, if we were “immune” to those things then they’d do us no harm, so then they actually would be just fine. I believe the word you were looking for was “desensitized”. And what you call being “desensitized” to homosexuality is what I call having enough of a brain not to hate someone just for living an unfamiliar lifestyle.

The story also led more than a few people into the seedy realms of their own personal fantasies…

Leagues Williams  •  2 days 9 hours ago

I bet the locker room is going to feel odd now!!

Of Wolf and Man  •  2 days 10 hours ago

Let’s all take our pants off!

David  •  1 day 20 hours ago

Are they also going to give him his own special shower and dressing room.?

A Yahoo! User  •  3 days ago

Wonder how the center will feel when he knows the QB is gay? How sick!

A Yahoo! User  •  1 day 20 hours ago

how you can enter in a locker room wit a #$%$they is looking at you like a predator

A Yahoo! User  •  3 days ago

That is all we need: Some TE kissing a QB after a TD. Yuck!

I’m almost afraid to ask why Conservative Fantasy World always includes these constant, unending gay orgies. Even Freud wouldn’t touch this.

If gays had even a fraction of the sex that conservatives imagine them having, they’d be the happiest people in the galaxy.

Anyways, let’s move on to another comment…

Eddie  •  1 day 21 hours ago

The word is SODOMITE….they need to say i m a SODOMITE. (it’s men that sleep with men)

the WORLD has HI-JACK the word SODOMITE and change it to GAY (the is nothing GAY about a man sleeping with another man! Gay meaning bright, and aint nothing bright in that!

men playing in FECES does not resemble BRIGHTNESS!

resembles a DEBASE MIND!

Uh, okay, now we’ve stumbled into a really, really scary place. Eddie, get help. Seriously, dude. Seriously.

David  •  1 day 20 hours ago

More articles on gays from Yahoo. They seem to be obsessed with the subject. Maybe they should come “out of the closet”.

Only gay people would support gay people in these idiot’s mind. So the next time they say “support the troops” they should join the fucking army.

A Yahoo! User  •  3 days ago

The problem with gays is that is defines their whole lives. Keep your sexual preference to yourself. Get rid of the lame rainbow stickers and equal right bull.

Conservative thinking in a nutshell:

If someone is something unfamiliar to me, I’m to lazy to think anything else about them.

Therefore, there is nothing else about them.

Therefore, they define themselves entirely by a single superficial feature just like I do.

A Yahoo! User  •  2 days 22 hours ago

WTF, is nothing sacred anymore?

Hell no! It’s fucking awesome!

A Yahoo! User  •  2 days 13 hours ago

Gay marriage has nothing to do with sports. It has to do with the Bible. If you don’t believe in God, then we have to just agree to disagree. If you are a Christian, you CAN’T believe in gay marriage or the gay lifestyle for that matter. I’m not advocating for the hating of gays rather the gay lifestyle. This is NOT about hate, its about LOVE. We want to see these souls in the afterlife.

What makes you think they’d want to see you there? Heaven with the likes of you would be hell.

A Yahoo! User  •  3 days ago

I am Sick n Tired of Gay Deviants in Everyday Life, The Last thing we need is to see these freaks prancing an sashaying in the NFL or NBA

I only want to see STRAIGHT men in tights slapping each others’ asses!

A Yahoo! User  •  3 days ago

Gay marriage will become legal in all 50 states, it is inevitable. The Roman empire fell because of debauchery such as gays, corruption, greed and other things, just as America is already and is headed toward, it will help bring down this once great country. ‘Hell and destruction to the nation that forgets God’.
That is my opinion and I have a right to it, at least until the Liberals outlaw speaking out against gays.

Of course you have every right to open your mouth and let us all know what an idiot you are. There are a lot of countries that have left God behind (most of Western Europe, for instance), and they haven’t been destroyed. Many of them allow buttsex too, but no Apocalypse. If you really buy into all this USA #1 crap, then why do you think America is so weak that it can’t withstand the onslaught of buttsex? Or is Iceland really just that much tougher than we are?

alaskadad  •  3 days ago

Grow up. Supporting gays will only get you laid in LA. Point is keep gay,abortions, and women’s rights out of the NFL.

This guy really makes me want to hire a lesbian feminist to chuck an aborted fetus through the goal posts at a picture of Sarah Palin.

jaguar11  •  3 days ago

Their “rights” haven’t been taken away. They never had the right to marry before.

Was this posted by an actual jaguar? I mean, like a big cat just pranced across the keyboard and this idiotic statement spewed out of it? So you can’t give someone a right they didn’t already have before? That doesn’t even make fucking sense in Conservative Fantasy World.

Anita  •  3 days ago

Hey AP – Since you’re wanting to push your queer agenda onto the sports page, how about a story about how Jerry Sandusky wanted to REDEFINE marriage in the Penn State showers?

Or even the GAY marriage we’re sure he’s receiving now in the State Penn Showers!

Wanna make your argument more convincing in Conservative Fantasy World? Just add rape.

In fact, this Anita chick (whoever she is) seems to be responsible for some of the vilest, most bigoted, and most idiotic comments in the thread, such as this one:

Anita  •  3 days ago

But why would you want to marry? You are entitled to Vancity bathhouse boy.

But why leave your boyfriend for a woman?

Sorry PROPAGANDIST libFa6, you can’t REDEFINE the word.

Got it GAYboy!

Maybe she and Eddie from earlier should hook up. They could share a therapist.

Look, I’m not trying to make sports fans look bad. I’m a sports fan myself. But the fact that the overwhelming response to an article that said nothing more than “Sports is a little less hostile to gays now” has been “Shut up, faggot! Stop forcing your sweet, luscious dic– I mean, agenda down my throat!” is pretty depressing.

One common theme among the more, shall I say, self-aware bigots in the comments thread was, “This shouldn’t be discussed on a sports website.” They’re trying to act like they’re above the fray; they’re so beyond the gay thing. They only deign to comment to let us all know that they think this conversation shouldn’t exist. Let’s call this silent bigotry. It’s still bigotry, though, because if no one says anything about homophobia in sports then, of course, it will never go away (and they damn well know this).

Sure, if every article at Yahoo! Sports felt the need to bring up homophobia, I’d be pissed. I wouldn’t want to read about it in every single god damn article, as that would be a completely disproportionate response and utterly inappropriate. But that’s not happening. In fact, as a person who avidly follows a few sports websites, I can say with certainty that the topic is rarely brought up. But when it is, it should be. There is a time and a place for this conversation, as with any political conversation. Yeah, don’t bring it up at the dinner table. But ignoring it completely would be even worse.


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