They have stupid assholes in France, too

Ever wonder whether it’s only in America that you can turn on the news and expect to hear some bigoted right winger blame gay marriage for everything from murder to natural disasters to Kid Rock? Well, wonder no more, because we now have indisputable proof that France is also afflicted with Homophobe Hyperbole.

Le député UMP Philippe Cochet a mis le feu aux poudres, jeudi 18 avril lors du débat à l’Assemblée nationale sur le mariage pour tous. “Vous êtes en train d’assassiner des enfants”, a-t-il lancé à l’adresse de la majorité socialiste.

If you don’t read Frog, I’ll summarize. In a debate over a bill to legalize gay marriage, Philippe Cochet (known to his friends as the Fabulous French Fucknut) accused the left of attempting to murder children. That’s a disgusting exaggeration worthy of even the most odious bigots in this fair land.

And you know what always comes next. After saying something so abysmally idiotic that those around them can do nothing but either point and laugh or stutter in shock and horror, the bigot plays the part of the hero, claiming that his idiocy is actually bravery in the face of left wing Political Correctness. Do the French do this too?

Fervent opposant au projet de loi Taubira, le député du Rhône a poursuivi sous les huées du PS : “Je n’ai pas peur de ce terme, c’est une réalité, c’est inacceptable.”

Yes they do! He’s not afraid to say this! He’s telling us about REALITY! It’s REALITY that gays marrying each other is the same as murdering children! And all those lefties that are booing him are just afraid to face REALITY! Oh, he is such a brave and noble Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey!

And if you ever wondered what a notpology looked like in French (I guess they would call it a ne-pas-logie), then your curiosity shall be sated, as Cochet proves to be just as predictable and disingenuous as any American homophobe.

A la reprise de la séance, Philippe Cochet a modéré ses propos : “Le terme n’était pas approprié j’en conviens. En revanche il y a quelque chose qui me touche, (…) c’est le fait de briser la vie des enfants.”

“Yes, surely I apologize. Saying they wanted to murder (assassiner) children was inappropriate. What I meant to say was they want to destroy children’s lives (briser la vie). I’m so sorry for the misunderstanding. This is a totally sincere apology, by the way. Completely and totally sincere. Seriously, y’all. Seriously.” [I’m paraphrasing a bit here, as you might imagine…]

It should be noted that he said all of this as a wave of homophobic violence has swept across France. Well, congratulations, Philippe Cochet. I hereby bestow upon you the Biggest Asshole in France Award, which I just now made up. You definitely earned it. Now go fuck yourself.

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