Russia Still Sucks (when it comes to gay rights)

We’ve heard a lot about athletes opposing Russia’s draconian, unjust new law banning “gay propaganda” (which is just code for “any free expression regarding homosexuality in public”).  But now CNN brings us a Russian athlete who has seen fit to defend this stupid, fascist law, except she chose to do so in broken English with comical results. (Note to bigots: You guys usually aren’t very bright, and can barely handle your own native languages. Trying to be bigoted in a language you only partially speak will never end well.)

Yelena Isinbayeva, the golden girl of Russian sport, has sought to clarify her controversial comments about gay rights and her apparent criticism of fellow athletes for highlighting the issue at the world championships in Moscow.

As is always the case with these kinds of things, “clarify” means “pretend you didn’t say what you actually said.”

Isinbayeva reclaimed the women’s pole vault title in front of her adoring public on Tuesday, then two days later defended her country’s anti-gay propaganda law after receiving her medal.

“If we allow to promote and do all this stuff on the street, we are very afraid about our nation because we consider ourselves like normal, standard people,” Isinbayeva said in English at a press conference.

Let me make this clear, Ms. Isinbayeva: If you or anyone else support this kind of bullshit, you have no right to call yourselves “normal, standard people.” No sane person is going to go along with the idea that censorship and oppression of minorities is normal and standard. We gotta have some fucking standards here, and denying people’s right to free speech for any reason–a fortiori for their minority status–must not be one of them. Period.

But there is a nugget of honesty in Isinbayeva’s comment. I believe her when she says she and her fellow Russian bigots are “afraid”. Fear of difference often motivates these kinds of oppressive laws. Well, fear of difference among the ignorant populace–the motivation amongst the leaders who pander to them is more likely to be a cynical desire to further solidify their power. You’re being exploited by your leaders, Russian people, and you don’t even know it.

In short, Vladmir Putin is a fucking asshole.

“We just live boys with woman, women with boys.


“Everything must be fine. It comes from history. We never had any problems, these problems in Russia, and we don’t want to have any in the future.”

Yeah, ’cause when I think of countries that never had any problems, Russia is the first to spring to mind.

LOL. I couldn’t even keep a straight face while typing that. Has there ever been a moment in history when Russia wasn’t completely fucked up? Your country still had a god damn feudalistic medieval economy at the beginning of the 20th century. You were decimated in both World Wars. You had Joseph Stalin, one of the most murderous dictators in human history. And now, despite all the economic problems your country faces, you’re chasing the bogeyman of “gay propaganda”.

Yep. No problems at all…

She criticized two Swedish athletes who defied the anti-gay law by sporting what could be seen as “propaganda” under the new regulations.

Read: U.S. runner blasts Russia on gay rights

High jumper Emma Green Tregaro and sprinter Mao Hjelmer wore rainbow-colored fingernails in their events in support of the gay rights movement.

Green Tregaro posted a picture on her Instagram account captioned: “Nails painted in rainbow sign #pride #moscow2013.”

Go Sweden!

(But, seriously, who would name their kid “Mao” in this day and age? Does she have siblings named Hitler and Pol Pot?)

“It’s unrespectful to our country,” Isinbayeva told reporters. “It’s unrespectful to our citizens because we are Russians.

Oh, boo fucking hoo. You disrespect your own people by making these kinds of laws. Maybe if you started treating gays like actual human beings with equal rights, I’ll start giving a fuck about your precious little hurt feelings. But until then, cry your fucking eyes out. You’ll get no sympathy from me.

“Maybe we are different from European people and other people from different lands. We have our home and everyone has to respect (it). When we arrive to different countries, we try to follow their rules.”

It seems that you don’t understand the purpose of civil disobedience. That’s likely because you live in a country where any form of it is brutally repressed.

However, on Friday Isinbayeva released a statement via athletics’ ruling body claiming that she had been “misunderstood.”

“English is not my first language and I think I may have been misunderstood when I spoke yesterday,” said the 31-year-old, who is an ambassador for the International Olympic Committee and will be mayor of the athletes’ village at the Winter Games in the Russian city of Sochi next year.

Excuses excuses. Yeah, your English was a little broken and sounded funny, but you knew what you were saying.

“What I wanted to say was that people should respect the laws of other countries particularly when they are guests.

“But let me make it clear I respect the views of my fellow athletes and let me state in the strongest terms that I am opposed to any discrimination against gay people on the grounds of their sexuality (which is against the Olympic charter).”

Anyone who feels the need to use the word “respect” over and over and over is most likely hoping to use decorum to obfuscate and confuse the conversation. “Respect” in these cases often means “silence”. Show us some respect. Just don’t talk about the anti-gay law. Remember that all these Swedish athletes did was paint their fingernails with rainbow colors and tweet about it. That’s it.

This has become a pretty common refrain in the articles I’ve read about defenders of the Russian gay propaganda laws. They insist that they don’t want to discriminate against anyone, and then demand “respect”, hoping that silencing the debate will prevent people from pointing out that discrimination is exactly what they are doing. They’re picking out a certain minority and restricting their freedom of expression simply for being who they are. That, by definition, is discrimination. It is impossible to support this law without supporting discrimination. Isinbayeva’s “clarification” is as absurd as saying, “I would never murder anyone” while repeatedly stabbing everyone in the room with a cyanide-coated broad sword. But then again, George Orwell used what was going on in Russia as part of the basis for Animal Farm and 1984, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised to hear this kind of abuse of language (English, Russian, or any other) coming out of a Russian mouth.

U.S. runner Nick Symmonds was quoted in the New York Times criticizing Isinbayeva’s comments.

“It blows my mind that such a young, well-traveled, well-educated woman would be so behind the times,” said Symmonds, who spoke out against the law after winning a silver medal in Tuesday’s 800 meters event.

He told the BBC Thursday that he had wanted to compete wearing a rainbow sticker, but was afraid of being arrested.

In his blog for Runner’s World prior to the world championships, Symmonds said he disagreed “with the laws that Russia has put in place.”

Don’t be too shocked, Nick. She is indeed educated. She was educated to believe that everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others.

Jason Collins’ bravery brings the insects out of the woodwork.

I was really happy to see Jason Collins become the first athlete in any major league sport to openly come out as gay. Good for him! But, unfortunately, they call his choice “brave” for a reason. It’s inevitable that the bigots and morons out there will insult him for merely having a different sexual preference than their own. So if they’re gonna insult him, then I’m gonna insult them. Fair enough?

I don’t judge Jason Collins, we all have out faults,but I can’t be like cool. He’s openly living in sin without fear.

— Je’Vonte Hughes (@DocKingSchultz) April 29, 2013

I’m much more worried about people who openly live in ignorance without fear. Oh, and by the way @DocKingSchulz, if your statement isn’t judgmental, then neither is mine.

Jason Collins is going to hear it so bad on the court. I have nothing against gay people but the objective of sports is to win by any means

— Summer(@Living_M_Dreams) April 29, 2013

By any means? Uh, no. Ask the folks at Penn State what happens when you decide you need to win by any means.

It’s interesting that Jason Collins will be known more for being gay than playing basketball.

— DJ Styles (@somanystyles) April 29, 2013

What other made up facts interest you?

Hurr hurr hurr. Look up Brianna Renee. There are jokes about her, a turkey baster and a Justin Bieber poster being together.

Tom is a baseball fan. Nothing gay about hardball. Keep swinging that wood, you straight motherfucker.

Seth Goodman@SethGoodman25 2h

Nooooo Jason Collins noooo!!!!

Yeeessss Deal With it Yessss!!!!!!

Andy Griffin@agriffin8 1m

@jasoncollins is the opposite of a role model. He is just another person promoting the decline of our country. #truth#immoral

People who use the hashtag #immoral are a real blast to hang out with.

Busther Gutless@P2_Cold 4m

Why do we care if Jason Collins is gay? Its none of my business

We don’t care about your business.

theMambaGreen@theMambaGreen 7m

@lilricky07 you a faggot ass niqqa. commenting on jason collins.

You show that person who has different preferences than you!

Neither will you, even if you’re not gay. The difference is that only one of you is stupid enough to pretend that he will.

Benghazi has been in the news for months. Jason Collins, one day. #JustSaying #You’reAMoron

Not helping

I’m a big fan of secularism and separation of church and state. But that doesn’t mean that everything done in the name of those causes is a good idea. Sometimes, it’s downright silly, and the recent kerfuffle over LSU’s strategically airbrushed photo of fans in a promotional email is a good example of pro-secularist silliness. Here’s the original photo:

And here’s what they sent out in their email to students and fans:

At first glance, they may not seem that different. But a closer look reveals that the young men in the picture had crosses painted on the upper left sides of their chests. These crosses were airbrushed out of the email version of the photo. It turns out that these guys are part of a Christian themed LSU Tigers fan club. Now, a Christian Tigers fan club is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. Why the fuck would the supposed Ruler of the Entire Universe give a fuck about football? And what the fuck does Jesus have to do with what sports team you root for? Did he die on the cross so that South Carolina would lose? Does god hate Steve Spurrier? And what about all the people on the other team praying that LSU would lose? Did god just say “Fuck ’em” and let USC’s quarterback get injured because he admires The Hat?

And the silliness doesn’t end there. One of the god-flogging Tiger fans explained why he felt the need to paint a cross on his chest:

“The cross painting is important to me because it represents who I am as a Christ follower, and it reminds me who I need to act like in Death Valley.”

What would Jesus do? Apparently he’d point at the camera and make a douche-face. And apparently this guy needs to paint meaningless symbols on his chest in order to remember that he should act like a decent human being. It’s kinda like how I paint the batman symbol on my forehead to remind myself not to eat babies. You know, normal human behavior.

But, whatever. Regardless of how inane it is, these guys have every right to display their childish beliefs on their chests all day long if that’s what they want. So why would the school airbrush it out? According to Yahoo! Sports, the university censored the crosses because

“We don’t want to imply we are making any religious or political statements, so we air-brushed it out,”

Well, that’s stupid. Nothing about the picture implies anything about the SCHOOL making any statements at all. It’s a picture of fans. The fans are making the statement, not the school. If the school accompanied the picture with a caption saying, “Geaux Tigers! Oh, and Jesus loves you, as we demonstrate with this photo of silly looking young people with a lack of perspective,” then, yeah, that would be a violation of the Establishment Clause. But as merely a photo of fans with no message of endorsement from the university, how are the crosses a problem?

What if a fan is wearing a cross necklace? Would they airbrush that out too? What if they were wearing a shirt from their local church? What about a yarmulke? A turban? If we follow the university’s reasoning here, then they can’t show fans wearing any kind of religious or political attire whatsoever without “endorsing” it. Fuck, if that’s the case, I’m gonna declare Ed Hardy and Affliction to be religions so I never have to see one of their t-shirts in a broadcast ever again. Call it DoucheBrushing.

Yes, LSU is a public university, and yes, that means they should never endorse any religion. But no, that doesn’t mean they have to censor images of their fans who happen to have donned some kind of religious accoutrements. And apparently, I also have to insist that it’s censorship, because…

The school, in a statement, indicated that it was not trying to censor any views, but rather to avoid the appearance of endorsing one.

Again, that’s stupid. It is in fact censorship, so if they weren’t trying to censor, they failed; and fans independently expressing their views does not imply university endorsement. The only way I could see it implying endorsement would be if the school were deliberately singling out overtly Christ-humping fans for their promotional material in an attempt to imply that real fans are overt Christ-humpers. But since they’re not doing that, I see no need to censor the photo.

This kind of petty bullshit in the name of secularism really annoys me. It doesn’t help the cause, and it just gives the theocrats ammo for their bullshit crusade against anyone who thinks that church and state should be separate entities. It’s easy to confirm this by looking at the comments on the Yahoo! article, which are full of right wingers blathering on and on about all the false stereotypes they have of secularists. Here’s one example:

Jim B  •  12 hours ago Report Abuse

If I have not offended you yet, I am sorry, I will get around to you as soon as I can

You’ll have difficulty offending me, Jim B., because I rarely feel offended or appalled by anything at all. It’s just my nature. Religion doesn’t offend me. I just think its stupid and intrusive and a pointless waste of resources. And the same goes for a lot of the shit I stand for. I don’t oppose racism or sexism or homophobia because they offend me (they rarely do), but because I think they’re stupid, destructive, backwards bullshit.

But whenever someone does something silly and unnecessary in the name of secularism, as LSU has done, it feeds this myth that someone would only oppose theocracy because they’re “offended” by Christianity.

But there’s also another problem, and a single phrase in the article exemplifies it:

…someone somewhere inside LSU decided not to mix football and religion.

Football and religion get mixed all the time! I’ve written about this before. Coaches at public universities force their religion on their players all the time. They have team prayers. They “share the Gospel” (which means take advantage of their position of authority to lecture their players about the Gospel).  Public prayers are held at football games on the field. This kind of shit happens at almost every football game, and unlike the photo of fans, it is a real violation of the Establishment clause. But the schools do nothing about it.

There are plenty of violations of separation of church and state going on in college football. But it’s not the fans doing it. Primarily, it’s the coaches. If LSU really didn’t want to mix religion and football, they’d be telling Les Miles to respect his non-Christian players and not have team prayers, not censoring silly images of idiots in body paint. But really, all they care about is not getting in trouble. So they ignore actual Establishment Clause violations and censor non-violations. And in doing so, they throw chum to the right wing feeding frenzy looking for anything they can hold up to show how oppressive it is to be in the dominant majority.

LSU, you are not helping.

Praying With Balls

As a Sooners fan, pretty much the only thing worse that seeing my team lose in the Jan. 2009 BCS  National Championship Game was having to listen to the announcers prattle on and on and on about how Tim Tebow is the absolute paragon of human virtue and how we can all but hope just to merely bask in the radiant glory of his awesomeness. Tebow is one of the most over-sold sports personalities of the last decade (I say “one of” since it’s finally dawning on people that perhaps the hagiographies of Lance Armstrong and Joe Paterno were a tad premature). And that has a lot to do with the fact that he injects his religion into absolutely everything he does, which somehow convinces a disturbingly large number of Americans that he should be taken seriously, rather than laughed out of town.

Having said this, you can imagine my disgust a couple years ago when “Tebowmania” became a buzzword in American sports journalism.  The “mania” involved a mediocre quarterback on a mediocre team barely scraping by a few wins at the last second to end with a few more wins than the mediocre team was predicted to get, while a small number of fanatical Christians proclaimed the mediocre quarterback to be the second coming of Christ. It’s mania!!! But there was another word that came from this artificially concocted phenomenon that did make me smile a bit. Other players began “Tebowing”, mocking Tebow’s ostentatious habit of praying at the end of plays, by doing it in the same way that 14-year-olds tea bag their fallen opponents in an online game of Halo.  Prayer + balls on face = funny. Well, at least to my immature mind.

But Tebow can’t leave well enough alone and just fade into obscurity where he belongs. He’s now back in the news for filing for a trademark of the term “tebowing”. (I have no idea if he’s aware of the whole balls-on-face sexual assault angle of the term.)

Dropping to a knee like Tim Tebow might cost you now.

That’s called turning the tables. Usually it’s the whore who’s on his knees. But Tim Tebow says you have to pay him for the honor of giving him a blowjob! For Jesus. I would love it if Christians had to pay a royalty to Tim Tebow every time they prayed in public. We’ll see how important prayer in the public square is to them after that.

The New York Jets’ backup quarterback is trademarking “Tebowing,” the move in which he goes down on one knee and holds a clenched fist against his forehead while praying during games.

Never mind the fact that he didn’t coin the term or realize that people were making fun of him until much later. He’s the Mighty Tim Tebow and anything with his name in it must be his property! And speaking of his awesome mightiness, I first saw this headline on the front page of How many other back up quarterbacks with no sense of humor and a pathological need to proclaim their superstitions to the world make front page news?

In the seven filings, Tebow says intended uses for the word “Tebowing” are to connect it with everything from sales of hats and shirts to even toy guns and pantyhose.

Ladies, do you want a nauseatingly religious man praying in a manner that calls to mind “balls on forehead” stamped on your ass? Of course you do! Buy some Tebowing Panty Hose today and get a free “Legitimate Rape” bra, because conservative Christian men know exactly what women want.

The devout Christian says his representatives filed on his behalf not for financial gain, but “to just control how it’s used, make sure it’s used in the right way.” Tebow did say sometime down the road the money would go to his Tim Tebow Foundation.

Nope. No financial gain. That panty hose money’s going to charity “sometime down the road”. That’s the “right way”.

Well if you ask me, the right way to use Tebowing is to drop one last scrotum reference.

Goliath Whines

So they’ve released the letters Jerry Sandusky and his wife gave to the judge prior to his being sentenced for molesting ten children over 15 years. Keep in mind, at the time he’s writing this he’s already been convicted. According to the court, he’s guilty. This is the time to try to convince  the judge to give one a merciful sentence. So how does he decide to address the court?

I write without expectation or a plea for leniency.

What? Then why are you writing at all?

As I sat looking at walls, I spent many hours reliving this ordeal. First, I looked at me, my vulnerability, my naivety (some say stupidity), and my trust in people.

Oh, poor you. Let’s all throw a pity party for the guy who coached at one of the biggest programs in the country, and who used his wealth and influence to lure young boys from troubled backgrounds into the showers where he raped them. I see Disney making an inspirational film about this in a few years. “The Little Child Molester Who Could” starring John Goodman as Rapey McGee sounds about right. They could get Brett Ratner to direct.

There were so many people involved in the orchestration of this conviction (media, investigators, prosecutors, “the system”, Penn State, and the accusers). It was well done. They won! When I thought about how it transpired, I wondered what they had won. I thought of the methods, decisions, and allegations.

This isn’t a game, Rapey, and it’s not a conspiracy either. Just how fucking delusional is this guy? Does he really believe that anyone is going to fall for this?  Hey, Rapey, the reason why you “wonder what they won” is because there is absolutely no reason for all these groups to conspire against you. Collectively they’ve got nothing to gain by railroading you. Get off your fucking high horse and realize that you are not so important that the whole world would go out of its way to bring you down. You’re a pedo football coach, not a god.

What would be the outcome of all the accusers and their families who were investigated? I knew the answer. All of their issues would surface. They would no longer be these poor, innocent people, as portrayed.

We all knew the victim blaming was coming, didn’t we? But even as victim blaming goes, Sandusky starts to get pretty god damn vile:

I have been blamed for all of their failures and shortcomings, but nobody mentioned the impact of the people who spent much more time with them than I did. Nobody mentioned the impact of abandonment, neglect, abuse, insecurity, and conflicting messages that the biological parents might have had in this.

Oh, so this is really about the victims blaming “all their shortcomings” on poor little you. Obviously the impoverished families of these charity kids are bullying the “vulnerable” wealthy, famous guy.

Those who have worked with troubled lives realize a common reaction for those with low self esteem is often to blame others.

It’s also a common reaction from self-absorbed, deluded perverts.

Maybe, they will have a better place to live, a new car, access to more highs, but they won’t change. Most of their rewards will be very temporary.

Well, I hope they enjoy all those new houses and cars they got from me shower-raping them.  I swear, some people just have no gratitude for a good old charity rape.

When I reflected, I realized much of what transpired was about protection. I was placed in protective custody; “the system” protected “the system”, the media, the prosecution, the civil attorneys, and the accusers. Everybody protected themselves. Penn State, with its own system, protected their public image, their decisions, and the allegations. The authorities were protected. Media protected their jobs and ambitions. Prosecutors protected their jobs and egos. “The system” protected the prosecution. As the stakes became higher, people had more to protect. Civil attorneys were protected.

Uh, actually, I’m pretty sure that this was mostly about protecting children from being raped.

The accusers were protected and provided access to potential financial gain, free attorneys, accolades, psychologists, and attention.

No, I mean protecting them BEFORE you rape them. You know, so all the attorneys and psychologists would be unnecessary.

And WTF? “Attention”? Really? Most of the victims’ names were never even publicly revealed. And rape victims are usually so ashamed of what happened to them that drawing lots of attention to it is the last thing they want.

But whatever, man. “The system” and all that, you know.

Then I thought of not being able to be with my wife Dottie, not seeing our dog, Bo, not being there for our kids, not seeing our grandchildren mature…

Okay, stop right there.

Instead of walls, I saw great memories: I saw loved ones who will carry the light; I saw family and friends; I saw those who overcame huge obstacles; I saw all the people who thrived with a little of our help and hope; I saw a locker room with people hugging and crying as national champs; I saw all the people who have stood by me; I saw all the inspirational cards and letters I had received;

Great speech, coach. And if this were the locker room before the big game, it might have some kind of point.

I saw me throwing thousands of kids up in the air and them asking for more;


I saw me in hundreds of water battles that nobody wanted to end;


I saw black, white, brown, yellow, young, old, gifted, and handicapped all at our home; I saw kids laughing and playing; I saw a big, lovable dog licking their faces;

What the fuck is wrong with you??? You’ve just been convicted of child molestation. Don’t talk to the judge who’s about to sentence you about how you fantasize about child face licking, even if it’s a dog doing it.

Again: Ew!

The book with the most impact for me was entitled Left to Tell. It was about an amazing woman of tremendous faith who survived the Rwandan Holocaust. Over a million people were killed because they had to pick sides. She talked about what happened. In the words of a pastor, “I’ve seen these killing sprees before – once the blood lust is in the air, you can trust no one, not even your own children.” There was betrayal and murder. Families turned against one another. Best friends became enemies. Those who had been helped at one point in their life sought and killed those who had helped them. In a lesser way I’ve experienced this.

No. No, no, no, no, a million times No.

The sheer fucking shamelessness of this guy makes me want to puke. Being convicted of child molestation is JUST LIKE the civil war in Rwanda. Un-fucking-believable.

My trust in people, systems, and fairness has diminished. My faith in God who sends light through the darkness has remained.

Must be Catholic. God is very fond of kiddie-fuckers. Just one more reason to tell him to fuck off, in my opinion.

I was supposed to be David but failed to pick up the sling shot. Goliath won, and I must deal with the outcome.

No, you pompous, arrogant, bloated, perverted, self-centered, sick-minded, delusional gas bag. You are not David here. The victims are not Goliath.

You were Goliath compared to the ten year old boy you raped in a shower 11 years ago. You had wealth and power and physical strength on your side. He had nothing and no one to protect him, not even that coward McQueary who saw you do it and ran away rather than call the cops. You don’t get to be the victim here.

Sandusky’s also-evil wife also wrote a smug, self-righteous letter to the judge. It’s more of the same shit: victim-blaming, false martyrdom, whining, etc. etc. And as you might expect, it ends with this:

I pray each day that God will give me the strength to do what is right and that I will be able to hold our family together.

If you need any more proof that there is no God and we are alone in this universe, look no further than Jerry Sandusky. Earlier I called Mike McQueary a coward for witnessing a rape but not calling police. God, who is supposedly infinitely more powerful than McQueary, is even worse. God is infinitely more cowardly than McQueary or any of the others who knew but did nothing at Penn State. No benevolent God would sit by and watch a child be raped and do nothing to stop it. No maundering, logic-chopping theodicy from the “sophisticated” theologians can justify God’s inaction when it comes to the worst of human suffering, which would have to be violence against children.

Jerry Sandusky spent at least fifteen years molesting impoverished or troubled children while living a wealthy lifestyle. Fifteen years before he was finally brought to justice. Only a tiny fraction of the people who enabled this behavior will ever see justice. And Sandusky and those few who do see justice will blame the victims for their “suffering”. The worst part? This is only a tiny, tiny horror when compared with what the Catholic Church has done to children for centuries, often getting away scott free and attacking others who might even suggest that they should be held accountable. And these people, who are most dangerous to our children, then hold themselves up and the arbiters of morality!

There. Is. No. God.

Football is totally not gay, part 5 — SuperFan edition!

The fallout from the Ayanbadejo pro-gay marriage fiasco continues, as Yahoo! Sports recently put up an AP report on the gradually evolving acceptance of homosexuals in professional sports. It’s a pretty standard AP article–a reasonable number of facts, some interviews, and very little analysis. I don’t have much to say about the article itself, but boy oh boy do I have a thing or two to say to the sports fans who are commenting on the article. I’ve already talked about coaches, players and owners, so let’s move on to fans. I’m glad to come to the defense of players who are negatively stereotyped as being stupid just because they’re athletic. But it’s harder to defend the fans when the vast majority of comments on a rather mild article about gay rights in sports are full of drooling stupidity and religious bigotry. Take Fredna, for instance:

Fredna  •  1 day 21 hours ago

Regardless of how many athletes speak out for gay marriage, gay marriage is still wrong. And, no amount of web fluff pieces, renaming it ‘gay rights’, and marginalizing opponents by calling them ‘homophobic’ can change that.

Uh, sorry, but nobody’s saying that athletes supporting gay marriage is what makes it right. That’s really not the point. Making professional athletes the ultimate moral arbitrators is almost as dumb as making the Bible the ultimate moral arbitrator. Gay marriage is right for a simple reason. It’s right because it’s the only fair, humane thing to do. And actually, marginalizing the bigots is a quite effective tactic. People who think others are second class citizens should be marginalized. And laughed at. And made to wear funny hats, just for shits and giggles.

One chowder-headed theme that numerous fans mindlessly repeated like parrots at a cracker factory should be familiar to anyone who follows the issue:

wooded  •  1 day 21 hours ago

Yeah “it’s what they can do on Sundays to help us win that matters” you can use that same argument for having felons and pedophiles on your team

Anita  •  3 days ago

Hey AP – Since you’re wanting to push your queer agenda onto the sports page, how about a story about how Jerry Sandusky wanted to REDEFINE marriage in the Penn State showers?

Or even the GAY marriage we’re sure he’s receiving now in the State Penn Showers!

Tony  •  2 days 16 hours ago

It used to be popular for the celebrities and pro sports figures to be recovering drug addicts, now they wannabee gays….. #$%$

A Yahoo! User  •  3 days ago

Hey since the LibFa6 media wants to keep pushing their gay agenda, where it doesn’t belong (on the sports page) why not do a story on how a famous GAY guy Jerry Sandusky wants to REDEFINE marriage to what NAMBLAcrats do to little boys in showers?

Well libfa6 media? Where’s that story?
Take your GAY agenda and SHOVE IT. I’m sure there’s plenty of room up there.

A Yahoo! User  •  3 days ago

This world gets worse and worse day by day. The worse it gets, the more immune we become to immoral lifestyles, i.e. adultery, fornication, homosexuality, lying, stealing, killings etc. Just because we’re immune to these things does not mean that they all of sudden change from being wrong to right.

You know what’s just like two grown dudes who love each other? Stealing and killing and child abuse and drug addiction! They’re exactly the same! My brain is made of rich chocolate pudding! It’s food for the gremlin that lives in my butt!

And hey, Yahoo! User, if we were “immune” to those things then they’d do us no harm, so then they actually would be just fine. I believe the word you were looking for was “desensitized”. And what you call being “desensitized” to homosexuality is what I call having enough of a brain not to hate someone just for living an unfamiliar lifestyle.

The story also led more than a few people into the seedy realms of their own personal fantasies…

Leagues Williams  •  2 days 9 hours ago

I bet the locker room is going to feel odd now!!

Of Wolf and Man  •  2 days 10 hours ago

Let’s all take our pants off!

David  •  1 day 20 hours ago

Are they also going to give him his own special shower and dressing room.?

A Yahoo! User  •  3 days ago

Wonder how the center will feel when he knows the QB is gay? How sick!

A Yahoo! User  •  1 day 20 hours ago

how you can enter in a locker room wit a #$%$they is looking at you like a predator

A Yahoo! User  •  3 days ago

That is all we need: Some TE kissing a QB after a TD. Yuck!

I’m almost afraid to ask why Conservative Fantasy World always includes these constant, unending gay orgies. Even Freud wouldn’t touch this.

If gays had even a fraction of the sex that conservatives imagine them having, they’d be the happiest people in the galaxy.

Anyways, let’s move on to another comment…

Eddie  •  1 day 21 hours ago

The word is SODOMITE….they need to say i m a SODOMITE. (it’s men that sleep with men)

the WORLD has HI-JACK the word SODOMITE and change it to GAY (the is nothing GAY about a man sleeping with another man! Gay meaning bright, and aint nothing bright in that!

men playing in FECES does not resemble BRIGHTNESS!

resembles a DEBASE MIND!

Uh, okay, now we’ve stumbled into a really, really scary place. Eddie, get help. Seriously, dude. Seriously.

David  •  1 day 20 hours ago

More articles on gays from Yahoo. They seem to be obsessed with the subject. Maybe they should come “out of the closet”.

Only gay people would support gay people in these idiot’s mind. So the next time they say “support the troops” they should join the fucking army.

A Yahoo! User  •  3 days ago

The problem with gays is that is defines their whole lives. Keep your sexual preference to yourself. Get rid of the lame rainbow stickers and equal right bull.

Conservative thinking in a nutshell:

If someone is something unfamiliar to me, I’m to lazy to think anything else about them.

Therefore, there is nothing else about them.

Therefore, they define themselves entirely by a single superficial feature just like I do.

A Yahoo! User  •  2 days 22 hours ago

WTF, is nothing sacred anymore?

Hell no! It’s fucking awesome!

A Yahoo! User  •  2 days 13 hours ago

Gay marriage has nothing to do with sports. It has to do with the Bible. If you don’t believe in God, then we have to just agree to disagree. If you are a Christian, you CAN’T believe in gay marriage or the gay lifestyle for that matter. I’m not advocating for the hating of gays rather the gay lifestyle. This is NOT about hate, its about LOVE. We want to see these souls in the afterlife.

What makes you think they’d want to see you there? Heaven with the likes of you would be hell.

A Yahoo! User  •  3 days ago

I am Sick n Tired of Gay Deviants in Everyday Life, The Last thing we need is to see these freaks prancing an sashaying in the NFL or NBA

I only want to see STRAIGHT men in tights slapping each others’ asses!

A Yahoo! User  •  3 days ago

Gay marriage will become legal in all 50 states, it is inevitable. The Roman empire fell because of debauchery such as gays, corruption, greed and other things, just as America is already and is headed toward, it will help bring down this once great country. ‘Hell and destruction to the nation that forgets God’.
That is my opinion and I have a right to it, at least until the Liberals outlaw speaking out against gays.

Of course you have every right to open your mouth and let us all know what an idiot you are. There are a lot of countries that have left God behind (most of Western Europe, for instance), and they haven’t been destroyed. Many of them allow buttsex too, but no Apocalypse. If you really buy into all this USA #1 crap, then why do you think America is so weak that it can’t withstand the onslaught of buttsex? Or is Iceland really just that much tougher than we are?

alaskadad  •  3 days ago

Grow up. Supporting gays will only get you laid in LA. Point is keep gay,abortions, and women’s rights out of the NFL.

This guy really makes me want to hire a lesbian feminist to chuck an aborted fetus through the goal posts at a picture of Sarah Palin.

jaguar11  •  3 days ago

Their “rights” haven’t been taken away. They never had the right to marry before.

Was this posted by an actual jaguar? I mean, like a big cat just pranced across the keyboard and this idiotic statement spewed out of it? So you can’t give someone a right they didn’t already have before? That doesn’t even make fucking sense in Conservative Fantasy World.

Anita  •  3 days ago

Hey AP – Since you’re wanting to push your queer agenda onto the sports page, how about a story about how Jerry Sandusky wanted to REDEFINE marriage in the Penn State showers?

Or even the GAY marriage we’re sure he’s receiving now in the State Penn Showers!

Wanna make your argument more convincing in Conservative Fantasy World? Just add rape.

In fact, this Anita chick (whoever she is) seems to be responsible for some of the vilest, most bigoted, and most idiotic comments in the thread, such as this one:

Anita  •  3 days ago

But why would you want to marry? You are entitled to Vancity bathhouse boy.

But why leave your boyfriend for a woman?

Sorry PROPAGANDIST libFa6, you can’t REDEFINE the word.

Got it GAYboy!

Maybe she and Eddie from earlier should hook up. They could share a therapist.

Look, I’m not trying to make sports fans look bad. I’m a sports fan myself. But the fact that the overwhelming response to an article that said nothing more than “Sports is a little less hostile to gays now” has been “Shut up, faggot! Stop forcing your sweet, luscious dic– I mean, agenda down my throat!” is pretty depressing.

One common theme among the more, shall I say, self-aware bigots in the comments thread was, “This shouldn’t be discussed on a sports website.” They’re trying to act like they’re above the fray; they’re so beyond the gay thing. They only deign to comment to let us all know that they think this conversation shouldn’t exist. Let’s call this silent bigotry. It’s still bigotry, though, because if no one says anything about homophobia in sports then, of course, it will never go away (and they damn well know this).

Sure, if every article at Yahoo! Sports felt the need to bring up homophobia, I’d be pissed. I wouldn’t want to read about it in every single god damn article, as that would be a completely disproportionate response and utterly inappropriate. But that’s not happening. In fact, as a person who avidly follows a few sports websites, I can say with certainty that the topic is rarely brought up. But when it is, it should be. There is a time and a place for this conversation, as with any political conversation. Yeah, don’t bring it up at the dinner table. But ignoring it completely would be even worse.

Football remains totally non-gay

Well, looks like the Shame Strategy worked.  Emmett Burns, the idiot who told the Ravens not to let their players do human things like vocalize political opinions, has now publicly recanted his call for corporate censorship.

After drawing national attention for his attempt to muzzle a football player who supported gay rights, a Maryland delegate walked back his position Sunday and said Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo should be allowed to speak out in favor of same-sex marriage.

And what profound considerations lead him to this conclusion?

“Upon reflection, he has his First Amendment rights,” Del. Emmett C. Burns Jr., a Baltimore County Democrat, said in a telephone interview.

Whoa, man. That’s deep.