Jeff Hanneman 1964-2013

Fucking Slayer.

As a Slayer fan, I was really sad to see that Jeff Hanneman, the band’s kick ass guitarist and writer of some of their best songs (such as Angel of Death, which I’m listening to right now), died of liver failure today. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Slayer live three times and have all of their albums. They’ve been a huge influence on my taste in music (I fucking love metal), but that’s not the only area where they influenced me.

Not only was he a fantastically talented musician and songwriter, but being part of Slayer directly entails that he’s also a prominent critic of religious stupidity and a professional at Mocking the Prophets. Hell, Satanic and blasphemous materials and images might be more associated with this band than with any other in the history of music, and I fucking love it. Jeff Hanneman was one awesome sonofabitch, and the world sucks a little more now that he’s gone.

Hail Satan!